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Group Text and Group Email: (Free)

The easiest and coolest way to manage contacts, create groups and send SMS text messages or emails to groups of people. This beautiful app is designed for people who love to communicate and it takes group texting and email messaging to a new level.

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What to Write ?: ($1.99)

Do you have to think what to write when you are writing an email to someone ? Does it take some valuable time of yours to write a properly composed email to someone ? This app makes your life easier by providing an amazing collection of useful email templates

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Free Group Email With Location and Voice Attachment: ($1.99)

Manage Group of contacts. Send emails to groups. Attach voice memos and locations


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iPhone Security Alarm: ($0.99)

This is the Deluxe version of the International Alarm Security designed to protect your iPhones & iPod Touch. Very easy to use. While running, the alarm system detects the movement. When the alarm is triggered, a high-quality glass breaking sound is played to scare the person touching your phone.

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